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Instructional Pathways

Two Choices to Meet Students’ Needs 

Starting in the 2022-23 school year we will have two instructional pathways at HVA. Each pathway will offer English Language Arts (ELA) and Math on a year-long schedule with the rest of a student’s classes on a semester schedule. Students will take four classes at a time. 

Both pathways are in person for the first two weeks of school and a couple of days at the start of each quarter. Both pathways will also have the opportunity to participate in-person, in project- based learning. 

All self-paced courses will have deadlines that align with Highline’s school year calendar. Students should be ready for an accelerated pace of learning and be able to work independently to manage their time. 

Students will experience learning aligned with state standards across all middle and high school content areas on online learning platforms, such as, but not limited to Edgenuity or Google Classroom. 

How it Works:

Blended Pathway 1

Students will be defaulted into Blended Pathway 1.

Blended Pathway 1 is open to all students in grades 6–12. It features more teacher-directed learning. Teachers in Blended Pathway 1 provide synchronous group instruction through online ELA/Math classes, which students are expected to attend.

Their elective, social studies, and science courses will be self directed or asynchronous with small group attendance requirements.

All students in Blended Pathway 1 will have a monthly learning plan that will be built with their Advisory teacher.  

Students could move to Self Directed Pathway 2 if they show qualities of a self directed learner as outlined below. If students are not meeting expectations a change of learning plan will be implemented. 

Self Directed Pathway 2

Self directed students are expected to meet daily in Advisory, attend small groups as identified and have one weekly 1:1 check-in with their advisor, but otherwise set their own structures and schedules for learning.

This program is a good choice for students who are self-motivated and/or find in-class pacing too slow. It is also a good option for working students, students who are caregivers, and student athletes and performers whose training, competition, and rehearsal schedules makes attending daily content classes challenging.

To remain in Pathway 2, students must maintain passing grades in all courses and meet minimum attendance requirements as outlined above. If students are not meeting expectations a change of learning plan will take place and they will go into Blended Pathway 1. 

Check-ins for Connection and Success: Both Pathways

Daily Group Advisory: Daily advisory provides an opportunity for students to connect with their peers and teacher(s). It is a structured time for teachers to share school information and opportunities, engage in social emotional learning activities, teach tips and tricks for academic success, and celebrate cultural diversity throughout the school year. 

Weekly 1:1 Check Ins: Our weekly 1:1 check-in allows for advisors to check in with students on their learning plan, which includes opportunities to celebrate successes and identify supports as needed. 

Monthly Progress Conferences: All students will have a monthly progress meeting with their Advisory teacher. Students will share what they have learned, reflect on how the previous month went, and look ahead to the next month. This might be a time that an intervention or change to learning plan would be put into place.